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Thrive Themes

This is our Thrive Themes review. What is Thrive Themes? Thrive Themes is a WordPress conversion oriented website design firm. They have Thrive Themes content builder for WordPress themes and plugins to help you convert website visits to sales. They have close to 17,000 members who use their WordPress themes and plugins.

Thrive Themes is an all-in-one shop for WordPress themes and plugins.  Thrive Themes products’ goals is to help you convert visitors to life long clients or customers.  Thrive Themes content builders are easy-to-use WordPress themes and plugins that utilizes drag-and-drop builders and premade templates.

The Thrive Content Builder makes things as easy as possible.  Thrive Themes helps automate a lot of their offering to help you save time.

We’re going to cover six essential Thrive Themes plugins and themes in our Thrive Themes review.  The six products are Thrive Leads, Thrive Comments, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Clever Widgets, Thrive Ultimatum, and Thrive Membership.

They have 7-8 themes included in their membership, which we’ll discuss later in this Thrive Themes review.  Check on the button to take you to the section.

Thrive Themes Review: Six (6) Plugins + Themes Worth Getting

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Thrive Themes Leads

Thrive Themes

Thrive Leads is an all-in-one mailing list building tool by Thrive Themes.  It allows you to build every opt-in form you can imagine; also, it allows users to run A/B testing on opt-in form to figure out which form gets the best results.

It’s absolutely an amazing tool to integrate into your website.

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin specializing in lead generation. It’s a list building tool created by people who are obsessed with conversion optimization. Thrive Leads uses proven conversion tactics to help you build your mailing list faster than other outdated plugins.

The testimonials on Thrive Leads speaks for itself here.

Thrive Leads offers an extensive library filled with professionally design opt-in form.  It’s all ready to use.  All you have to do is choose which one you like then implement the form.  It’s that easy and simple.

In addition, it’s compatible with all the major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.  This is extremely helpful because not all mailing list plugins are compatible with all the major browsers. Thrive Themes Leads Review.

Thrive Leads Opt-In Form Types:

  • ThriveBox Popup
  • “Sticky” Ribbon
  • In-Line Forms
  • 2-step Opt-in
  • Slide-In
  • Opt-In Widget
  • Screen Filler Overlay
  • Content Lock
  • Scoll Mat
  • Multiple Choice Forms
  • and so much more!  See full list here.

Thrive Leads Integrations:

What Makes Thrive Leads special?

  • Design it then deploy it: Thrive Themes has implemented a drag-and-drop editor to make the perfect opt-in form.
  • Strengthen Targeting: Thrive Leads allows you to target visitors based on what they are viewing on your website (i.e., post, pages, etc).
  • A/B Testing: The advanced A/B Testing feature will easily help you automatically increase your conversion
  • Analytics: Thrive Leads provides simple yet important analytics to see how your opt-in performs over time

If You Don’t Like it, Ask For A Refund! Try Thrive Leads For 30 Days?


Thrive Themes Ovation

Thrive Themes

Thrive Ovation is the ultimate WordPress testimonial plugin.  It’s the only testimonial plugin that you need to provide new customers assurance of the quality of your service.  It’s a word detailed, rich in content, and persuasive automated testimonial plugin. Thrive Ovation is the 2nd product in our Thrive Themes review.

Thrive Ovation is a WordPress plugin design to provide boost conversion via testimonials. Thrive Ovation organizes your testimonials in one place; it allows you to tag testimonials, pull in comments, and integrate with Facebook and Twitter.  It works like a contact list.

In addition, Thrive Ovation can send automated emails requesting testimonials and feedback from your clients. In addition, you can send testimonials to your clients to approve whether their emails or from comments.  It’ll have a “Pending Approval” until your client approves it.

Once it’s approved, you’ll be able to launch it on your website with ease.  Check out what people are saying about Thrive Ovation here. Thrive Themes Ovations Review.

Thrive Ovation Integrations:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Comments
  • See the full list here!

What Makes Thrive Ovation Awesome?

  • Hassle Free Gathering: Thrive Ovation allows converting comments into testimonials with one-click
  • Facebook Integration: Thrive Ovation allows you to import your Facebook comments with ease
  • Twitter Integration: Thrive Ovation can pull Twitter replies and retweets into your testimonial library
  • Testimonial Collection: You can create testimonial landing pages to send to your clients for easy collection
  • Easy Management: You can manage all your testimonials in one admin dashboard
  • Tagging & Search: You can tag your testimonials by product for easy searching and usage
  • Client Approved: You can send an email to your client to approve with a simple click
  • Amazing Display: You can display the testimonials via the Thrive Themes builder or shortcodes
  • Dynamic Update: You can use tags to automatically insert your new testimonials
  • Library of Templates: Thrive Ovations has a library filled with ready-to-use templates
  • Money Back Gaurantee: You can get your money back if you don’t like it within 30 days
  • All-In-One: Thrive Ovation is the complete all in one testimonials management plugin

If You Don’t Like it, Ask For A Refund! Try Thrive Ovations For 30 Days?


Thrive Themes Comments

Thrive Themes

Thrive Comments is a plugin to increase engagement on your blog posts and throughout your website.  It’s design to spur long threads like Reddit or Facebook.  In addition, it has many features to keep your visitors engaged with each other.

With Thrive Comments, you can choose the next course of action after a visitor comments.  The next course of action could be a landing page, a URL redirect, a social media share, open a ThriveBox, or display a similar post.

The course of action is meant to keep visitors engage, on your site, or provide free advertising for you via social media share.

In addition, you can display a different message for first time commenters.  The message could be a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Welcome to the Community.  The possibilities are endless with Thrive Comments.

Thrive Comments is built for search engine optimization.  There’s a lazy load to help speed up your load time and comments are only loaded when visitors scroll through them.  It’s an awesome idea.

Furthermore, Thrive Comments comes equipped with a Analytics dashboard to report comment activity over time.  The metrics includes comments, up/down votes, most commented posts, and more.  There’s an option to filter comments by page, post, awaiting reply, and more.

The dashboard is a valuable tool to management all comments.  You can delegate comments to other admins.  Lastly, you can automatically link URLs based on certain keywords like plugins or themes. Thrive Themes Comments Review.


  • Up/down votes
  • Comment via social media accounts
  • Assign different badges to encourage interaction
  • Featured comment display option
  • Social media sharing
  • Design for easy commenting
  • Auto-generate commenters information
  • Insert anywhere
  • No lock in feature (i.e., your comments will remain if you uninstall Thrive Comments)
  • Customize date formats or completely remove them
  • Ability to sort comments
  • Default avator for users with avators
  • Customize comment section’s appearance
  • Change default labels like “Add Comment”
  • Translation ready
  • Comment pagination
  • Users can subscribe to comments
  • See full list of features here.

If You Don’t Like it, Ask For A Refund! Try Thrive Comments For 30 Days?


Thrive Themes Clever Widget

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Clever Widgets is a widget plugin that helps you step away from the boring and mundane default WordPress widgets displays like Recent Posts, Most Popular, and etc.

Thrive Clever Widgets displays relevant posts based on what they’re currently viewing on your website.  Thrive Clever Widgets is the 4th product in our Thrive Themes review.

With Thrive Clever Widgets, you can easily customize what’s display on your sidebar.  The customization can be based on category, pages, posts, and tags.  It’s design to keep visitors browsing through your site.

It delivers carefully targeted content that will interest your visitor.

Thrive Clever Widget doesn’t slow down your site.  You can create as many widgets as you like without a single issue with page load times.  How is this possible?  Thrive Clever Widget is designed to deliver only relevant widgets on designated content.

For example, you designate your top fashion brand reviews to be deliver on everything tagged with fashion, so Thrive Clever Widget only deliver those top posts on everything tagged fashion.  Find out more here. Thrive Themes Clever Widget Review

If You Don’t Like it, Ask For A Refund! Try Thrive Clever Widget For 30 Days?


Thrive Themes Ultimatum

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Ultimatum is an evergreen marketing tool design to target each user individually to create a sense of urgency and scarcity.  The scarcity marketing tool helps with conversion and boost revenue that stays true to each visitor.

In other words, each visitor is given a campaign and the countdown remains the same regardless of the device they’re using to view your website.

Thrive Ultimatum is a great tool to boost revenue for your website. It creates a highly optimized sales funnel for anyone who enters it; the sales funnel is limited time offer to create urgency.

Each prospect has their own time restrictions and countdown; Thrive Ultimatum Evergreen system runs like regular campaign and the end dates remain the same.

Thrive Ultimatum comes with a Lockdown feature.  It gives you control over the content that’s accessible to your prospect; Thrive Ultimatum gives prospects access to the offer page who time hasn’t expired for the campaign.

It gives the prospect an authentic and real feel to the campaign.  For others, there’s a redirect option page where it could be an “offer coming soon” or an “expired offer” page. The choice is yours.

Thrive Ultimatum has the option to show sale countdowns anywhere on your site.  The plugin is mobile friendly; in other words, it’s 100% mobile responsive and will fit into any mobile device.

In addition, you can designate a new campaign after a client or customer based on conversion goals.  Thrive Ultimatum can be fully integrated into your email campaigns with a simple link.

It’s an extremely powerful marketing tool for WordPress. Thrive Themes Ultimatum Review

What Can You Use Thrive Ultimatum for?

  • Holiday sales for email subscribers
  • Product launches for social media followers
  • Limited time offers like free shipping
  • Affiliate marketing increase commission offers
  • Add an upsell to your services like extended support periods
  • Limited time offer for newsletter sign-ups

Thrive Ultimatum Features:

  • Fixed Campaign Dates: Create professional looking campaigns to run limited time offers, promotions, or holiday sales
  • Recurring Campaign Automation: Thrive Ultimatum can automatically run your scarcity campaign on a schedule you designate
  • The Best Evergreen System: Create ongoing “Evergreen” campaigns to help conversion boosts
  • Auto-Pilot: Easily schedule switching of page links and buy buttons
  • Unlimited Campaigns: No limit to campaigns and run multiple campaigns at once
  • Multiple Page Campaigns: Ability to run multiple campaigns on multiple pages or on your entire website
  • Countdown Widget: Add a countdown timer on any page with a widget area
  • Footer Bar: Show a “sticky” countdown bar in the footer of your website
  • Header Bar: Show a “sticky” countdown bar in the header of your website
  • Different Time Zones: Scarcity campaigns can run in different languages and time zones
  • Dynamic Updates: Campaign messages, design, and countdown clock switching can be automated
  • Customization: Simple drag-and-drop builder to customize text, design, countdown, and more

If You Don’t Like it, Ask For A Refund! Try Thrive Ultimatum For 30 Days


Thrive Themes Membership

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Membership is the last Thrive Themes product in our Thrive Themes review.  We save the best for last.  Thrive Themes makes some amazing products to help you convert visitors to customers.

In addition, they’re products aren’t too expensive and it won’t put a dent in your budget.  However, buying each WordPress plugin and theme could add up very quickly.  This is where Thrive Membership comes into play.

Thrive Membership is an annual Thrive Themes membership where you can to use all of their WordPress plugins and themes.  It’s definitely a better option for those who want to utilize Thrive Themes plugins without spending full price for each plugin.

In other words, it’s a discount for all of their WordPress themes and plugins.

Thrive Theme plugins aren’t expensive.  It’s anywhere from 39 USD to 127 USD for one year support and updates. As mention, it could get really expensive to buy each one individually.  For our Thrive Themes review, we created a comparison chart to show you the benefits of getting a Thrive Membership. Thrive Themes Membership Review

Thrive Themes Comparison Table:

Thrive Architect5.58 USDYes
Thrive Leads5.58 USDYes
Thrive Ovation3.25 USDYes
Thrive Ultimatum8.08 USDYes
Thrive Headline Optimizer5.58 USDYes
Thrive Clever Widget3.25 USDYes
Thrive Quiz Builder5.58 USDYes
Thrive Comments3.25 USDYes
Thrive Optimize10.58 USDYes
    Total Cost50.73 USD
Thrive Membership19.00 USDIncludes all Thrive Themes products
Thrive Themes WordPress ThemesFree w/ membership
Monthly Savings31.75 USD

As you can see, the Thrive Membership has a lot of benefits.  It includes all their Thrive Themes WordPress themes, which is currently close to 10 different themes.  It includes the use of ALL their plugins.

Lastly, it saves you A LOT OF MONEY!   The total savings is around 63% and per year the total is 381 USD!  Don’t wait until their price increases.

If You Don’t Like it, Ask For A Refund! Try Thrive Membership For 30 Days? Thrive Themes Membership Review

Thrive Themes Review: WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • 8/10
    Ease of Use - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Features - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Price - 10/10


As you can see, the Thrive Membership has a lot of benefits.  It includes all their Thrive Themes WordPress themes, which is currently close to 10 different themes.  It includes the use of ALL their plugins.  Lastly, it saves you A LOT OF MONEY!   The total savings is around 63% and per year the total is 381 USD!  Don’t wait until their price increases. Check them out here

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