Square Review: Best Point Of Sale Payment System?

Square review
This is our Square review. What is Square? Square is one of the best point of sale payment systems. What is a point of sale system? It’s a system to manage your credit card payment, mobile payment, online payment, inventory, and so forth. I’m sure you’ve seen those point of sale iPad in stores.  Those are Square payment processing hardware and Square payment readers. 

Square is one of the best point of sale system. With Square, you can accept mobile payments, credit card payments, and online payments. They’ll send you a free reader with sign up, so you can start selling in no time.  Square is really simple to use and easy to setup.  It’s basically child’s play.  It’s so simple that your 8 year old daughter can start selling lemonade with Square and her smartphone.

For brick and mortar store, Square payment processing hardware comes with Square card readers. I’m sure you’ve seen the point of sale iPad in stores where the cashier flipped the screen over for you to sign with your finger. In addition, you’ve probably seen food trucks swipe your card with a card reader attached to a phone. Those are Square payment processing hardware.

In addition, Square integrates with who’s who in eCommerce and business software.  They have a robust app list to help you use their services.  They integrate with Weebly, WooCommerce (i.e., WordPress), Wix, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Shipstation, and 3DCart to name a few.  You can literally use Square on any major eCommerce platform player in the game excluding Shopify.  Why?  Shopify has its own Point of Sale system.

Square Review: Hardware Best Point Of Sale Payment System

Square’s point of sale systems comes with free hardware. They’ll send you a free magstripe reader, so you can swipe credit cards from a retail store to a food truck. The Square payment readers accepts chip cards and NFC payments. In addition, you can add your own iPad into the Square Stand for a modern looking register. If you don’t want to use your iPad, you get the Square Register.

With Square payment processing hardware, you can setup shop in no time whether you have a regular location, displaying at tradeshows, or doing a popup shop. Square has everything you need to ring up items and accepts payments. Square Register is a fully integrated point of sale with payments, software, and hardware together. Lastly, you can print receipts and invoices or you can email them.

Square review
Square review
Square Review: Payment Processing Best Point Of Sale Payment System

What makes Square great? It allows you to accept practically any way your customers want to pay with Square payment processing hardware. With Square, you can accept swipe a credit card, redeem gift cards, insert a chip card, or send payments through NFC.  It’s all done with a laptop, Square payment reader, or the point of sale iPad. Square does it all with its hardware. In addition, Square allows you to manually key in payments if there’s no internet in your area.

Square is great because they don’t make you sign a contract. They don’t charge monthly fees and you only pay when you make a sale. They have simple pricing, so there’s no hidden fees. You pay a flat rate per tap, dip, or swipe for all major credit cards, which includes American Express. Furthermore, your money is deposited into your bank account in one or two business days. It’s extremely faster than other payment gateways.

In addition, with Square Secure, they provide chargeback protection, fraud detection, and account takeover protection, so your money is safe with them. In addition, Square makes the payment process easy with a few clicks. Lastly, you can accept online payments for your eCommerce store with a simple API. All you have to do is add the API to your store then you’re ready to sell.   How much does it cost to process a payment via swipe, dip, or tap?  It’s only 2.75% per transaction.  Find out more about other transaction fees here.

Square Review: Point Of Sale Best Point Of Sale Payment System

Square point of sale system is a easy and intuitive use. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices; the software was built with simplicity in mind. Square Point of Sale has drag and drop feature to help you categorize and customize your product grid. You can get your staff up and running in no time. In addition, you can set your popular items in front for easy accessibility.

Customers have a choice between email or printed receipts. For restaurants, there are tip options to keep your waiters motivated. Waiters can split the bill right at the table with Square payment reader. Bartenders can open tabs the point of sale iPad and keep customers happy until they’re ready to pay for the bill. Plus, every receipt is linked to a waiter for easy tip or commission reconciliation.  It’s all done with Square payment processing hardware.

With Square Point of Sale, inventory management doesn’t take much time and updates occur in real time. It’s easy to track stock and change prices, names, or quantities. Furthermore, you can get email notifications when a product’s stock level is low.  This makes sure you have time to replenish it before you lose any sales.  It’s a great tool.

Employees can clock in and out with Square Point of Sale. In addition, you can restrict your employees access with passcodes. For retail stores, you can track who sold which products and who processed refunds. This helps with fraud and employee theft. Lastly, you only need one Square account if you have multiple locations. Everything is managed with a consolidated dashboard. 

Square review
Square iPad

Square Review: Dashboard + Best Point Of Sale Payment System

Square makes managing your business easy. Everything is easily accessible with your dashboard. Square offers real time analytics with comparative reports and they can be run on an hourly basis. With Square’s dashboard, you can import inventory, manage employee access, and edit your online store. What else? You can take manual orders from your computer with Square Virtual Terminal. All you have to do is key in the card information and you don’t need Square payment reader to swipe it or the point of sale iPad for the transaction.

In addition, Square helps you make sure you’re getting paid. Square payment processing hardware syncs up with everything.  You can track who hasn’t paid an invoice and who has paid their invoices. Need to send an invoice? Square lets you invoice a client and securely send it to their inbox. Square Analytics makes your data easy to understand. With Square’s app, you can monitor your sales data from your phone, so you don’t have to be glued to your laptop.

Square keeps a customer directory where you can send email marketing campaigns. In addition, you can send customer surveys too. For beauty salons, Square helps you accept appointments on your existing website. If you don’t have a website, Square offers a free booking site for your salon. Lastly, you can send text and email reminder for upcoming appointments.

Square Review: eCommerce Best Point Of Sale Payment System

Square has eCommerce solutions to help you sell online. You can get your website up and running in no time. If you have an existing website, all you have to do is connect Square’s API. It requires no coding experience. What makes Square great? It supports Apple Pay and MasterPASS. Square eCommerce solutions don’t come with any setup or monthly fees. The great thing?  The transactions are combine with anything sold with Square payment processing hardware (i.e., Square payment reader and point of sale iPad) It’s PCI compliant with no additional fees. All you pay is 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.  It’s on par with PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, and others. Read more about their other transaction fees here.

Square Review: Other Products + Best Point Of Sale Payment System

location management
app marketplace
gift cards
employee management
inventory management

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Square Review: Conclusion Best Point Of Sale Payment System

Now, we know everything about Square Point of Sale system. Square payment processing hardware (i.e., point of sale iPad and Square payment reader) is everything you need to start selling your products at a brick-and-mortar location or on the go. They offer a one-stop shop, pun intended, for all your selling needs.  You can do everything you need with Square.  It works out great because you don’t have to manage multiple vendors or services for your business.

For example, your online payment gateway doesn’t have to be different from your in-store payment gateway.  It could all be done with Square.  In addition, with Square, you can manage your employees’ time sheets, inventory, reporting, invoicing, and bookkeeping under one roof.  Square makes it extremely convenient for entrepreneurs like yourself to start a business. Lastly, they integrate with Weebly, WooCommerce (i.e., WordPress), Wix, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Shipstation, and 3DCart.  They make it too easy.

Square review

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