Online Learning Courses – PRO

Flowdee’s Online Learning Courses – PRO
• Online Learning Courses plug-in is free
• Allows display of Udemy courses
• Shortcode custom links
• Automate affiliate link generation
• Google Analytics tracking
• Multiple site license options (1, 3 or Unlimited)
• Plug-in is very specific
• Unlimited sites option is pricey
• Plug-in requires Online Learning Courses
• It’s not compatible with other affiliate plug-ins on the market
• Price is in Euros


This plugin extends the free Online Learning Courses plugin with more functionality like automatic or manual affiliate links, click tracking, templating and more.

Features overview

This plugin allows you to display Udemy™ courses and lead your visitors directly to the course pages
Custom links targets via shortcode
Additionally you can activate the automatic affiliate link generation
Choose between standard and masked affiliate links
Title adding for marking affiliate links with an asterix *
Automatic click tracking via Google Analytics and Piwik
Create custom templates for individual course presentations
Extended settings page with new options and customizations
Available in English and German, ready for more translations!
In order to use this extension, the free Online Learning Courses plugin must be installed and activated as well.

Purchasing a license includes 1 year of updates and support for free. After this period you might (voluntary, no subscription!) extend your license including a special discount of 50%. However, the plugin/theme will be working at any time even without having an active license!