ITThink Affiliates Users Plugin

ITThink Affiliates Users Plugin
• Easy to use
• Automatically creates affiliates with new users
• Great way to build your affiliates
• Cheap add-on price
• There’s only a single one-time payment to use add-on
• It requires ITThink’s Affiliates, Affiliates Pro, or Enterprise plug-in
• It’s not compatible with other Affiliate plug-ins


ITThink Affiliates Users Plugin Automatic affiliate accounts

This WordPress plugin automatically creates affiliate accounts for new users. This is an extension for the Affiliates plugins.

If you want to have affiliate accounts created automatically when new users are registered, simply activate this plugin. It will create an affiliate account for every new user, this is done for users created on the back end as well as for users who register on your site.

An import function allows to create affiliate accounts for all existing user accounts (from version 1.2.0).


One of the Affiliates plugins: Affiliates, Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise.
WordPress 4.x.