AffiliateWP – Pay as Points

ClickStudio’s AffiliateWP – Pay as Points
• It offers all of ClickStudio’s AffiliateWP add-ons in a bundle (i.e., Pay as Points, Multi Level Affiliates, Groups, and Group Switcher)
• Easy to use
• Relatively inexpensive add-on bundle
• It’s the only one on the market
• Multiple site license options (1, 5, Unlimited, or Unlimited Lifetime)
• Unlimited Lifetime option, which means one-time payment
• Developer’s response time is slow
• It’s not compatible with other multi-level marketing add-ons on the market


Admin Features:
Convert individual referral to points.
Convert an individual affiliates referrals to points.
Bulk convert multiple referrals.
Bulk convert multiple affiliates referrals to points.
Auto convert referrals to points, requiring no manual process.
Auto conversion can disabled on any affiliate tier, affiliate group, or user role.
Various settings to enable/disable features (see settings screenshot).
Option to override the default redemption rate set by WC Points & Rewards.
Front-end (affiliate) Features
Convert individual commission to points.
Bulk convert all unpaid commissions to points.
Enable/disable auto-convert (check-box in My Account settings).
(All front-end features can be disabled by admin)