AffiliateWP – Affiliate Groups

ClickStudio’s AffiliateWP – Affiliate Groups
• Great group affiliates in different commission tiers
• Easy to use
• Relatively inexpensive add-on
• It’s the only one on the market
• Multiple site license options (1, 5, Unlimited, or Unlimited Lifetime)
• Unlimited Lifetime option, which means one-time payment
• Developer’s response time is slow
• It’s not compatible with other multi-level marketing add-ons on the market


Possible uses
Create a VIP affiliate group who earn higher commissions.
Group affiliates who belong to the same company.
Separate customers from external affiliates.
Award higher commissions for specific membership levels.
Only limited by your imagination….

Plugin Features
Create unlimited groups.
Affiliates can be part of multiple groups.*
Set a referral type (flat or percentage) and rate for each group.*
Automatically add new affiliates to a specified list of groups or the same group/s as the referrer.
Select the affiliate’s group/s on the ‘Add New Affiliate’ & ‘Edit Affiliate’ pages.
*When an affiliate is a member of multiple groups, the highest referral rate will apply by default. As this is a new release, we are looking for feedback and feature requests to consider for future releases. Get in touch with us today.