Affiliates Permanent

iTThink’s Affiliates Permanent
• Easy to use
• Great way to incentive affiliates
• Permanently assigns new customers to affiliates
• Cheap add-on price
• There’s only a single one-time payment to use add-on
• It requires ITThink’s Affiliates, Affiliates Pro, or Enterprise plug-in
• It’s not compatible with other Affiliate plug-ins


Product Description

This WordPress plugin is an extension to the Affiliates plugins and WooCommerce.

New customers (or new users) are assigned to the referring affiliate. The affiliate will be credited with a referral on every purchase made by the customer from thereon. Assignments can be changed manually in user profiles.

Affiliates Permanent User Setting

Purchases made by existing customers who are not assigned to an affiliate will not credit any affiliate, even if the customer has visited an affiliate link after her or his initial purchase.

The normal affiliate referral process can be applied for purchases made by guests.


See the plugin’s documentation pages Affiliates Permanent for more details.

Plugin Requirements

This extension requires one of the Affiliates plugins, Affiliates, Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise and WooCommerce.