ITThink Affiliates Coupons Plugin

ITThink Affiliates Coupons Plugin
• Automated coupon creation for new affiliates
• Bulk coupon creation
• Different coupon options
• Easy to use
• There’s only a single one-time payment to use add-on
• It requires ITThink’s Affiliates Pro or Enterprise plug-in with WooCommerce
• It’s not compatible with other Affiliate plug-ins


ITThink Affiliates Coupons Plugin extension for Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Enterprise and WooCommerce allows to create coupons for affiliates automatically and in bulk.


Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise
WooCommerce 2.x

Automatic Coupon Creation for Affiliates
The extension automatically creates new coupons for new affiliates. The new coupon is associated with the affiliate so that the affiliate is credited with a referral when a customer makes a purchase using the coupon.

Supported coupon settings – the adjustable settings correspond to the general coupon settings as available for coupons in WooCommerce :

Discount Type : Cart Discount, Cart % Discount, Product Discount or Product % Discount
Discount Amount : indicated as percentage or fixed amount
Usage Limit : Allows to limit the coupon to be used up to a limited number of times
Apply Coupon before Tax
Individual use
Coupon Prefix : A prefix that is used to generate the coupon codes
Limit Coupons to Products
Bulk Coupon Creation for Affiliates
The bulk coupon creation features allows to create new coupons for all affiliates in bulk. The same coupon settings as for automatic generation are supported.