MemberPress Membership Management

• Unlimited membership levels
• Unlimited members
• Automated pricing tables
• Product bundles with membership levels
• Drip content
• Upgrades can be prorated
• Members can pause their membership
• Free trial periods
• Limit renewals
• Paywall option with isn’t available with many membership plug-in
• Coupon abilities
• Renewal e-mail reminders
• Paypal, Stripe or integration
• AffiliateWP integration
• Integrates with many popular forum plug-ins like BuddyPress, BBPress, etc
• Fairly cheap pricing plan compared to other in its category
• There isn’t a one-time payment for unlimited usage
• Labor intensive if you have hundreds of pages
• Doesn’t integrate with Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Ali Pay


MemberPress is one of the easier to use WordPress Membership Plugin. The Membership Software installs simply on your WordPress site then it helps you instantly monetize your website via paid access.

MemberPress provides a way to simply create, manage membership subscriptions, and sell digital download products. In addition, MemberPress provides a simple way to manage access to posts, pages, categories, tags, feeds, communities, and digital files based on what membership subscription users have purchased. MemberPress creates a powerful way to leverage WordPress content management, forums, and communities plugins.