Ninja Forms Reviews: Best Ninja Forms Extensions Part 1

Ninja Form Review
What is Ninja Forms? Ninja Forms is one of the best WordPress form plugin. This is a best ninja forms extensions list. Ninja Forms WordPress is a powerful form creator. It isn’t code heavy and it won’t bog down your WordPress site.  Plus, it’s free to use via the repository. It has a lot of great tools and its drag-and-drop user interface makes it simple to use. 

The WordPress form integrates with a lot of plugin forms. There are some capability issues when used with Contact Forms 7. However, you don’t need two form creators cause it’s redundant to use both of them. The best part about Ninja Forms is it’s 40+ extensions. They really do add value to their free Ninja Form plugin.

Ninja Form gives you more control over your forms. It lets you fine tune every aspect of the form from general settings to submit actions, emails, and individual input fields. Ninja Form updates are a breeze with a simple one click within WordPress; their form is compatible with widgets. They have simple shortcodes and template functions; Ninja Form is translation ready, which means you can use it for multiple languages.

Best Ninja Forms Extensions

Best Ninja Forms Extensions

Best Ninja Forms Extensions #1

Best Ninja Forms Extensions
Ninja Forms’ Multi-Part Forms extension is perfect for those really long forms. It helps you break out long forms into sections; it really helps with the psychological part of filling out long forms. 

We all remember those really long exams forms filled with questions after questions. The ones that seem to never end. Ninja Forms Multi-Part Forms extension eliminates that experience from your forms. For example, you can break a 30-question form into 5 questions on 6 different pages.

Multi-Part forms lets you add a breadcrumb trail through the various sections of the form. In addition, there’s a progress bar so users know their status and how much is left. The extension is easy to create and edit because the fields can be drag-and-drop to different pages.



  • Long forms can be broken into multiple paginated sections
  • Drag-n-drop interface
  • Each section can be given a title and an optional display it
  • Breadcrumb navigation above the form
  • Breadcrumb display makes each section easy to access
  • Progress bar
  • Move fields between sections is easily
  • Rearrange pages is easy
  • Hide and show entire form pages when used in conjunction with the Conditionals Extension


Best Ninja Forms Extensions #2

Best Ninja Forms Extensions
Ninja Forms’ User Management extension is the perfect extension for those who want to collect more information from their users.  It provides great flexibility for current users and new users trying to register for your site. It’s a must have.

Why use Ninja Forms User Management?  It gives you the opportunity to set away from the dull and default WordPress user registration form.  Ninja Forms User Management comes with three templates with the ability to register new users, login registered users, and allow users to update their profiles.  It’s effortless, direct, and simple to use.  The extension gives you the option to use premade templates or create a unique form for your WordPress site.  

This is perfect for collecting data about your users’ interest, social media profiles, and more.  Ninja Forms User Management helps you service your users better by understanding their interest and so forth.  You don’t want to keep sending a user baseball products when they’re into football. 

  • User registration forms
  • User login forms
  • user profile forms
  • Generate a new WordPress user 
  • Define user roles per WordPress’ Roles & Capabilities
  • Collect user data to craft unique user profile
  • Email credentials with a randomly generated password option

Best Ninja Forms Extensions #3

Best Ninja Forms Extensions
Ninja Forms’ Conditional Logic extension is a perfect for if, and, & or situations in forms.  In other words, it’ll let you show or hide fields based on certain questions.  It has the ability to change field values and spend notifications based on user inputs.

This Ninja Forms extension allows you more flexibility in your forms.  It creates a “smart” form where it’s a little more interactive and users don’t have to see not applicable questions.  In other words, fields change based on answers provided by the user.  It could show or hide fields.  It could set values based on a list selection; it could display text or provide a link based on the chosen option.  Users can be notified based on their inputs.

For example, you can display different address formats based on a chosen country.  If the chosen country is United States, it’ll display the United States address format.  If the chosen country is Japan, it’ll display Japan’s address format.  It’s incredibly useful!


  • Interactive forms 
  • Forms can react based user’s actions
  • Show, hide, or change value of form fields
  • Add or remove elements based on conditions
  • Works with Multi-Part Forms
  • Show or hide form pages with Multi-Part Forms


Best Ninja Forms Extensions #4

Best Ninja Forms Extensions
Ninja Forms’ PDF Form Submission is the perfect extension for those who want to provide a copy of a filled out form to users.  It provides assurance to users to have a copy of the data they submitted.  It also helps them review their data to ensure everything was submitted correctly.  
Ninja Forms PDF Form Submission is great for archiving and other uses.  As mentioned, you could send users a copy of their submitted form or you can send a copy to yourself via an admin notification email. The PDF can be downloaded via WordPress admin.  The PDF can be open anywhere with or without internet access.  You can download it to your phone or you can store it for audit trails.  The uses are endless with Ninja Forms PDF Form Submissions.  
  • Job applications 
  • Affiliate applications
  • Client specification forms
  • Information request


Best Ninja Forms Extensions #5

Best Ninja Forms Extensions
Ninja Forms’ Save Progress is the perfect extension for any business with long and multi-page forms.  It’s the perfect tool to combat form fatigue because users can come back later and finish the form.  It’s essential extension for business who can’t avoid long forms in their industry.

Ninja Forms Save Progress creates a better experience for users.  It helps users fill out forms at their leisure.  Also, it helps user not lose their progress within a form.  We all hate to redo things cause it’s waste of time and effort.  Ninja Forms Save Progress eliminates that for users.

Ninja Forms Save Progress is extremely helpful in making long forms bearable.  It uses WordPress built-in user system.  Visitors can register as a subscriber and save their progress mid-way through the form. They can then return later to complete the form. The WordPresss administrator can view and edit partially filled out forms at anytime from the admin dashboard.


  • Users can save progress without being logged in 
  • Option to email user when their form is saved
  • “Saved Form” message displayed when user save their progress
  • Multiple saves per form
  • Ability for users to edit forms from front-end
  • Option to display saved submission about the form


Best Ninja Forms Extensions

Best Ninja Forms Extensions #6

Best Ninja Forms Extensions
Ninja Forms’ Layout & Styles extension is perfect for those who want more control on how their forms look and feel.  Layout & Styles is the Ninja Forms extension for those who want to create multi-column layouts and added gorgeous elements to their forms.  It’s easily done with any CSS knowledge.
Best Ninja Forms Extensions
Why Ninja Forms Layout & Styles? It’s for those who want more control of how their forms look and feel.  Layout & Styles is for you whether you want to make big changes or small changes to your forms.  I absolutely love Ninja Forms Layout & Styles cause I like having options, experimenting, and fine tuning my forms to look different.  It definitely helps speed up the process without having any CSS knowledge.  Layout & Styles eliminates the form clutter where everything looks too close together or looks like a mess. 

Best Ninja Forms Extensions



  • Easily create multi-column forms with the Ninja Forms builder 
  • Add additional styles to your forms with elements, labels, and wrappers
  • Add default styles to elements
  • Specify styles by element type, form, or fields
  • Ability to Import and export styles
  • Easily style your date picker, success messages, odd or even pages, and more
  • Add additional style to error or success messages


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