MonsterInsights Review: WordPress Link Tracking With Google Analytics

MonsterInsights review
This is our MonsterInsights review. What is MonsterInsights? MonsterInsights is one of the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin.  MonsterInsights helps you monitor your website traffic.  It’s easy to use with an eCommerce integration and it also monitors outbound links.  It’s trusted by close to 20M sites.  
MonsterInsights is considered as one of the best analytics for WordPress.  In addition, the plugin adds the power Google Analytics for WordPress with a simple click.  You can monitor your WooCommerce traffic to determine which product is performing well.  In addition, with MonsterInsights, you can track file downloads to better optimize your digital products.  MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin on WordPress.  

Features Summary

Quick & Easy
Popular Post
Page Level
Google Analytics
MonsterInsights Review: Google Analytics Dashboard
MonsterInsights provides an easy way to track how your WordPress site is performing with its Google Analytics plugin.  Google Analytics can be intimidating with all its options.  It’s a complete maze for first time users.  However, MonsterInsights WordPress plugin simplifies everything for you; it highlights only the most important metrics for you.  It’s all viewable within your WordPress dashboard too.  It’s a simple and powerful plugin.  MonsterInsight provides important stats like page views, top posts/pages, top traffic sources (i.e., Facebook, organic search, Bing, etc), and much more.  

MonsterInsights review

MonsterInsights Review: eCommerce

MonsterInsights easily integrates with your WooCommerce site.  With MonsterInsights, you can track the most popular products to abandoned carts.  You can easily determine which product is your best seller.  With MonsterInsights metrics, you can make better decisions for your eCommerce site.  This is done with a few simple clicks to integrate with your Google Analytics eCommerce tracking.

MonsterInsights provides you a simple dashboard to view your conversion rate, revenue, transactions, and average order value.  MonsterInsights provides metrics on referral sites, which is important to determine whether your advertisement dollars are wisely spent.  For example, you spent $200 on Facebook advertisements.  With MonsterInsights, you can see how much traffic is being generated from Facebook and how many of those visits turn into purchases.   MonsterInsights definitely helps you shift your advertisement dollars to where it provides the most return. 

MonsterInsights review

MonsterInsights Review: Google Analytics Ad Tracking

MonsterInsights has a Google Adsense tracking option.  It’s great if you’re running Google AdSense on your website.  With MonsterInsights, you can determine which advertisements are working best for your site.  It shows you how many clicks each ad is getting and it shows you where is the best placement for your website.  It’s essential if you want to monetize your website.  If not, you’re just planning to fail.

MonsterInsight helps you maximize your ad revenue.  With the metrics, you can determine which ads are ineffective and remove them for being dead weight.  This could reduce bounce rates and it could increase the time visitors spend on your site.  The powerful tool can be applied with a simple click in MonsterInsights.  To put it simply, MonsterInsights makes sure your website is maximizing its space with advertising dollars.

MonsterInsights Review: Google Analytics Custom Dimensions For WordPress

MonsterInsights provides custom analytics dimensions for WordPress.  I really like this feature because it allows you monitor other important metrics like post or page categories.  In addition, you can monitor which content contributor is generating the most traffic.  This will help you determine which author isn’t working out for your site.  It’s extremely crucial if you’re paying them.   

Custom Dimensions:


  • Authors
  • Post Types
  • Category
  • Focus Keywords
  • and more!  See full list here.


MonsterInsights Review: File Download Tracking

What else is great about MonsterInsights?  You can track file downloads.  It’s extremely helpful if you’re selling digital products like photographs and music.  With a simple click of an option, you can monitor which digital media is generating the most downloads to help you refocus your time on what is working.  It’s a powerful tool to help you prioritize your time if you’re an artist or selling digital products.  

File Types:


  • Images
  • Archive files like zip
  • PDF documents
  • Word documents
  • MP3s
  • and more.  See full list here.


MonsterInsights review

MonsterInsights Review: Conclusion

With any website, it’s essential to monitor your traffic and determine where you should allocate your time and efforts.  If you’re not monitoring traffic, you’re just burning money.  MonsterInsights provides a powerful Google Analytics WordPress plugin.  It’s a simple tool and it monitors all your important metrics in a easy to read dashboard.   In addition, with all its features, it’s a must have for anyone running an eCommerce site or selling digital goods.  It’s precise and user friendly.  I would highly recommend MonsterInsights to anyone looking for any easy WordPress plugin to track their website traffic or monitor their WooCommerce site.
MonsterInsights review
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  • MonsterInsights fulfills its goal of making analytics easy for beginners. It gives you the powerful insights of Google Analytics, without the overwhelm. It’s easily the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.
    • It's a solid Google Analytics for someone who doesn't want to copy and paste code.

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