Google G Suite Review + G Suite Coupon Code For You To Use

Google G Suite Review
This is our Google G Suite review. What is G Suite? G Suite is a Google’s version of MicroSoft Office except it’s cheaper and everything is cloud based. It combines all of Google Apps for businesses. After our Google G Suite review, we have a G Suite Coupon Code for you to use.

Google G Suite is basically a cloud based office applications package.  It includes a word processing application, a spreadsheet application, a presentation application, project management application, cloud storage, and a lot more.  In other words, it’s Google’s version of MicroSoft Office.  G Suite does everything MicroSoft Office can do and it’s all in the cloud.  In other words, there’s no need for massive storage drive for storing your files locally on a hard drive.  It’s all sync and stored on Google servers.

What does G Suite come with?  First, you get a professional email address with your business name (i.e., [email protected]); in addition, you can add as many group emails as you want (i.e., [email protected], [email protected], and etc) to ensure the right people respond to inquiries.  At the entry level, G Suite comes with 30GB of online storage per user.  The higher plans offer unlimited storage.

G Suite comes with 24/7 call or email support.  Need a centralized administration panel?  G Suite’s advanced admin controls allows you to add or remove users, create groups, add two-factor authentication to accounts, SSO (i.e., single sign on), and more.  G Suite comes with mobile management where you can keep your company’s data secure with device location tracking, password requirements, and erase any data.  Lastly, it comes with an easy migration tool to help you move all your company’s important data to G Suite.  Now, if you read enough and want the G Suite Coupon Code, click here.

Google G Suite Review
Google G Suite Review:  How It Works

G Suite works as if you’re logged into your regular Gmail.  Every single G Suite application is a your disposal with a single click.  You can create financial reports using Google Sheets, write a process memo using Google Docs, or prepare a proposal using Google Slides.  The best part about G Suite is everything is easily convertible to MicroSoft Office with an easy export option.  G Suite provides a convenient way to store files because everything is save in Google Drive.  In addition, team members can easily access it via a link.

In addition, G Suite doesn’t require people to get out of files as others work on it like MicroSoft Office.  In other words, you and your business partner can work on the same business proposal at the same time and the changes are done in real-time.  You can work on slides 1-5 and he can work on 5-10 concurrently.  G Suite makes work a lot more efficient.  There’s a chat option to discuss changes as they happen.

Google G Suite Review: Gmail

G Suite uses Gmail as the login screen.  All you have to do is type in your email address (i.e., [email protected]) to access your account.  Once you’re logged in, you can navigate to any G Suite application needed.  It’s extremely convenient.  In addition, Google Hangout is right there if you need to contact someone within the company.  Furthermore, it comes with Google’s spam protection.  I don’t remember the last time I received a spam email in my gmail account.

Lastly, you can easily add people to a group.  For example, you want to add all your new hires to a single group or all your sales associates to a group.  It’s just a click away then you can start naming the group and then add whoever you want to the group.  Google has outdone itself with this option.  

Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Hangouts Chat

G Suite Hangout is a convenient way to chat with coworkers.  It’s right inside the gmail page.  It’ll display everyone in Google’s contact list.  The user can also add other people to Hangouts.  There isn’t another application where you have to switch screens to chat with someone at work.  It’s all centrally located with gmail.  Hangouts Chat make it easy to have 1:1 or a group work space chat.  It’s extremely easy to share and discuss changes to Sheets, Docs, Slides, or Meet times.  

In addition, Hangouts Chat lets you conveniently schedule meetings, create tasks, get updates, or connect to third-party tools.  Hangouts Chat is very secure.  Hangouts Chat integrates the leading security into it — mobile device management, SSO (i.e., single-sign-on), TFA (i.e., two-factor authentication), admin settings, compliance, and Google Vault features where you can retain documents for a certain number of years.  Ready for that G Suite Coupon Code yet?  If so, it is right here.

Google G Suite Review: Calendar

Google Calendar makes it easy to integrate online calendars designed for teams.  Calendar functions seamlessly with other Google applications so you’re always on schedule.  It’s easily accessible whether on a laptop, tablet, or phone.  You can layer calendars on top of each other to see coworkers availability.  Calendar provides easy publishing to the web, so you can share upcoming events with your clients.

Team members can schedule meetings, check available conference space, available resources for meetings like equipment and capacity, and schedule Google Meet or Hangouts Chat.  Everything is integrated with each other.  It’s absolutely easy to maintain and import old calendars via .csv or .ics files.

Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is video meetings for your business with a simple click.  It saves you countless dollars compared to other enterprise meetings software.  In addition, travel costs will be cut tremendously with Hangouts Meet’s easy-to-join calls.  Hangouts Meet is easy to setup; in addition, invites are sent with a simple link.  The simple link takes out the worrying about whether people have the right accounts, software, or plugins.  

Hangouts Meet is simple to join whether someone is on the road, laptop, tablet, or phone.  It’s fully integrated with Calendar, so people can click on an event to join or a simple email invite.  With G Suite’s Enterprise, employees can create dial-in phone numbers for each meeting and participants can click on a link in Calendar.  They could be on an iOS or Android phone; all it takes is two taps.  It’s that versatile and simple.

Have a large meeting?  Need to broadcast?  Hangouts Meet hardware connects to any space to a video meeting with a simple single click.  The hardware can be setup within meetings and everything is managed online.  G Suite has simplified hardware issues regarding meetings and company wide calls. 

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Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Forms

Google Forms is an amazing tool.  With Forms, you can create order forms, job applications, time off request, event feedback, client surveys, and so much more.  Google has made it extremely simple to create any type of form.  It’s user interface is very easy to use with its option menu.  All you have to do is click on the icon and it’s added to your form.  You can edit the font, form colors, add pictures, and more.

In addition, there are handy notifications settings.  You can designate where the responses are directed or get an email for every new response.   After your collection period, the responses can easily be exported into a csv file, exported into an existing spreadsheet, or you can create a new spreadsheet.  There’s no manual copying and pasting all the replies.  It’s amazingly efficient.

Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Slides

Google Slides is Google’s version of MicroSoft’s PowerPoint.  However, everything is done within your convenience of your web browser.  There’s no additional software required and multiple people can put together a presentation simultaneously.  For example, you can work on slides 1-5, your business partner slides 6-10, and your assistant can work on 11-12.  The edits are done in real-time, so there’s no waiting around for people to finish their portion.  Furthermore, there’s no copying and pasting after you receive everyone’s slides.

Google Slides allows you to control who can view, edit, or add comments to the slides whether they’re an internal employee or an outside consultant.  You can either use Google’s pre-made templates or you can start from scratch and add images, videos, drawings, and slide transitions as you please.   There’s an unlimited revision history where it doesn’t count against your Drive storage, so you can revert back to an old version without worrying about storage space.  Also, Slides is easily exported to PowerPoint.  What else?  Well, you can present the presentation from your tablet or phone.  

Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Sheets

Sheets is a powerful tool.  Google has made use of the blockchain concept and integrated it into their applications.  With Sheets, multiple people could be in the same file, updates are in real-time,  and changes are automatically saved.  Sheets offers simple to complex formula calculations.  You can add charts, pivot tables, and data filters.  Sheets will automatically map out trends and patterns in your spreadsheet.

In addition, Sheets is compatible with multiple spreadsheet formats like Excel, csv, txt, html, ods and more.  The “smart” spreadsheet are easily accessible via your tablet or phone while you’re on the go.  You can work on Sheets offline if you desire.  You can create and embed a survey on your website then have the results populate within Sheets.  It’s an extremely powerful too where you don’t have to send around and wait for people to finish their analysis for you to start yours.

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Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Docs

Google Docs is another powerful tool. With Docs, like other Google apps, multiple people could be in the same file, updates are in real-time, and changes are automatically saved. You can see edits in real-time and as people type them.  The team can work on a business proposal, collaborate, and throw around ideas via a built-in chat. Need to send the business proposal in a PDF or Word format?  Google Docs is easily exported to those formats with a few clicks.

It’s easily accessible with an iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone.  You can work offline if you don’t have internet access.  Like Slides, there’s unlimited revisions that won’t count against you.  It’s simply powerful and easy to use.  I love the real-time editing and having the ability for multiple people to work on the same file.  It saves so much time.  With additional add-ons, you can research topics, define words, mail merge, and insert citations in Docs.

Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Keep & Jamboard 

I absolutely love Google Keep.  I’ve tried Evernote and other note applications.  However, I could never fully commit to them.  I love the convenience of Keep.  Google has made it simple to take notes and organize all your notes.  Also, it has the ability to be exported into Google Docs.  In addition, I can set reminders then have them sync with Google Calendar.  With Keep, you can do everything like the rest of Google’s apps.  You can easily be shared and multiple people can be in it at the same time. 

Jamboard is an awesome brainstorming app.  People can contribute in real-time over the internet.  It doesn’t require the mundane task of being together in a classroom environment.  You can easily pull ideas via the internet or other Google apps and add them to Jamboard.  In addition, there’s a stunning 55-inch 4k display for those who want to utilize a big screen in the old legacy environment.  It also comes with handwriting and shape recognition, so it’s easy to read your work.  It writes with a stylus but erases with your finger.  

Google G Suite Review
G Suite Jamboard

Google G Suite Review: Drive

Google Drive is awesome.  So did you notice all those examples I showed with Docs, Keep, Sheets, Slides, and Forms?  Well, it’s all automatically saved into Google Dive without a push of a single button.  I’ve been a G Suite user for more than 8 years, so my account is old and only comes with 15 GB per user.  However, the new G Suite comes with double the storage.  It comes with 30 GB of cloud storage and unlimited revision history that doesn’t count against you.

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Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Site

Google Site is another awesome feature from Google.  Site is an online tool to build websites.  It’s perfect for a new product launch or event pages where you can easily put things together.  It’s extremely easy to use.  You can put a website within an hour then launch it within 30 minutes.  This isn’t a tool available for regular Gmail users.  It’s exclusive to G Suite users. Find out more here
Google G Suite Review

Google G Suite Review: Admin & Vault

Everything with your G Suite is easily control via an Admin app or online.  You can add or remove users as you wish.  In addition, you can set compliance settings to retain documents for a certain amount of time.  It’s absolutely amazing.  Learn more about the admin and Vault settings here

Google G Suite Review: Current Prices
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Google G Suite Review

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Google G Suite Review
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