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What does "full service" entail?
"Full service" means we do all the engaging for your account to get eyes on your social media account.  We monitor your engagement and followers count, so we can make tweaks to your targeting to ensure you're benefiting from our service.  All you have to do is respond to comments, DMs, and post content.  However, we do offer post scheduling services where we can schedule your posts months in advance. 

In short, we do all the tedious heavy lifting, so you can focus on your business and perfecting your content.  We're your social media personal assistant.
How do we target people in your niche?
During the application process, you provide us your niche and a list of people (preferably large accounts) in your niche whose followers you want to target.  In addition, you can provide us with a list of hashtags to target.  Our service will use your account to engage with the most active people in your niche and the provide list of people's followers via liking, commenting, and following.  The target users will be notified about your engagement, which will bring new eyes to your account, business, or brand.  This will give you time to focus on expanding your business, perfecting your content, and improving your products. 
Do you use the follow/unfollow method? Do you like or leave comments?
Yes and no.  It's completely up to you on how you want to approach it.  We suggest mixing it up to get the best results and to stay under each platform's radar. 

We only suggest leaving comments if you're a business.  We tailor your comments to ensure they're relevant to the content and aren't spammy.  We steer clear of emojis and 1-3 word comments like "Keep it up!", "Nice!", or "Awesome!".  

Our #1 goal is to make sure we get visibility on your account while protecting your brand's image and keeping your account secure.  The technique can be discuss with your account manager when you come on broad.  
Are these real followers?
Yes, all your new followers will be 100% real. We work very hard to setup your account to target the right people in your specific niche. We DO NOT sell followers, likes, or comments. Fake followers and engagements don't help our clients. We want real people talking about your account. You may find some places online that sell fake followers and engagement. That is not something we suggest or offer for our clients.
Will you post content to my account?
No.  You will remain in control of all the content you post since you have a vision for your brand and the direction you want to take it.  Our service focuses on getting eyes on your account, so you can grow your brand and revenue. However, we have a premium post scheduling add-on service where you can send us content and we'll post it for you.  We can schedule your post months in advance.
Why do results differ?
There are many factors in why results vary from account to account.  In general, it's usually has to do with account size, content quality, niche, and post frequency.  However, all it takes is momentum then everyone will jump on the bandwagon. 
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Is The Doyens a bot service?</span>
We're a social media management service where some of our processes are automated.  We automate our processes to keep prices low for our clients.
Will my account end up following a bunch of random people?
No.  We don't follow unfollow people unless you specifically stated to do so on your application.  If you specify to follow unfollow, we always unfollow everyone we follow.  In addition, those accounts will always be people in your niche or interested in your niche. 
What should I expect from your service?
It depends on your goal.  If you're a business, you can expect more sales and walk-ins.  In addition, you'll see followers and engagement on your content. If you're an influencer, you can expect to see more followers and engagement on a daily basis.  Also, you can expect more traffic to your website, so it's a good idea to keep your links updated.
Do I have to change my social media usage?
Absolutely not!  Our service doesn't restrict your usage.  We strongly suggest you respond to comments and DMs, so you can track the positive feedback on your page.
Can I use your service while using another service?
We don't suggest using our service simultaneously with another service.  You should only use one service at a time in order for you to track your results and not raise any red flags. 


How do I sign up?
There's an application process where we review your application.  We approve your account then we make you an account on this website for billing purposes.  Get started with your application here:
How does the whole sign up process look like?
  • 1. You fill out our application here.
  • 2. We review your application, your social media account(s), and we make you an account on our website.
  • 3. We load your social media account into our system then let you know it's ready.
  • 4. You log onto your account on our website and pay for the service. All plans include automatic recurring payments, enrollment in our affiliate program, and a FREE 7-day trial! Cancel anytime!
  • 5. We turn on your account in our software.
  • 6. You watch your account grow!
  • 7. Refer people and get recurring monthly payments from us!
What happens after I sign up?
Within 24 hours, we will reach out to you via email to let you know your account is ready.  In the email, you will find your login information for our website and a direct link to pay for our service.  Also, you can go direct to our 'Cart' page where the monthly subscription will be automatically added to your 'Cart'.  We will not bill you until after the FREE trial.  
How long will it take to see results?
After setup, you should start seeing results immediately.  However, please keep in mind that the first couple of weeks is to slowly turn up the speed of your engagement and ensure you stay under the radar.   Please note that the engagement comes sporadically at times, so don't let it discourage you.  We'll optimize your account as time goes on.  All you have to do is relax and focus on your content.


Why do you need my password(s)?
We definitely understand how you feel about giving us your password.  We need to engage with target users on your behalf and the only way we can do that is to log onto your account.  We keep your username and password completely secure and confidential.  There are only two people with access to the information and the two people are the co-founders who load your account into our system.  None of our customer service reps have access to that information.  If a service is promising you "real" followers without engaging on your behalf, they're selling you fake followers (i.e., bot/spam accounts).
Do you have a list of clients you've worked with in the past?
We keep our clients confidential.  We don't disclose who they are unless they have explicitly stated we can publicize their testimony.  You can check out our testimonials here.  
Will you keep me confidential if I sign up for your service?
Absolutely!  We will only disclose our clients if we are required by law.  If we are required by law, we will try to find every loop hole not to disclose their identity.


Do you offer free trials?
Yes! We offer a FREE 7-Day trial for our Influencer plans and a FREE 14-Day trial for Business plans. If you don't like your results, you can cancel your plan before the 7th day (i.e., Influencer plans) or 14th day (i.e., Business plans).

The people and businesses who have had the most success are the ones who have been with us the longest.  The first few weeks will be to understand your target audience and getting your account up to speed.  The first month is usually a "warm-up" period, so we can see how people are responding to your content and engagement.  
How does the billing work?
Our plans are monthly subscriptions and prepaid for the upcoming month.
Can I cancel anytime?
Absolutely!  We'll refund any unused portion of money on a prorated basis based on the number of days until your next billing period.  For example, your billing period is every 1st of the month and you decided to cancel on July 20th.  We'll refund you as followings: 

(Plan Amount)/ 31 * 11 = Prorated Refund. 

The 11 in the equation represents the unused days until your next billing period. 
Do you offer auto-pay?
Absolutely! All our plans are auto-pay to ensure there isn't any interruption in your service. We don't want to interrupt your momentum.
Can I upgrade my service to add more accounts?
Absolutely! You just have to sign on to your customer account to make any changes to your service. Also, you can open a support ticket here.


How come you don't guarantee results like other services?
We don't guarantee results because we don't sell 'Likes' or 'Followers'.  People looking for social media marketing, or management, services should be very weary of "agencies" providing guarantees because there is a good chance you're getting con.  Real services understand there are too many factors involve to organically grow people's social media followings. 

Lastly, there are services out there selling followers and engagement, but you're going to get only spam/bot followers and engagement.  It's a waste of your time and money because no one will be talking about your account, brand, or company.   We want real people to spread the word about you!  
What makes us special?
We have accumulated more than 130,000 followers for our clients within a short period of time.  In addition, our business clients have reported our service help generate 1/3 of their walk-ins and after the first month their revenue have increase 25% on average!
Do you provide discount rates for agencies, PR companies, social media managers, and the like?
Absolutely!  We need to understand your needs first, so you can contact us directly here.
Could you solve all my company's marketing issues?
We have accumulated more than 130,000 followers for our clients within a short period of time. In addition, our business clients have reported our service help generate 1/3 of their walk-ins and after the first month their revenue have increase 25% on average! 

Our primary job is to get people to notice your business.  However, it's your job to get them to stay on your social media account or come back to your store.
Could you make me an online celebrity overnight or in a few months?
Our service is a great additional tool to help you organically grow your online audience and followers.  We help you focus on your content and remove the mundane task of engaging with other users to get you notice.  We suggest you combine engagement groups, paid ads, running contests, and providing high-quality content to fully optimize your account.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">I would like to talk to someone at The Doyens before I start...</span>
No problem.  You can shoot us an email at [email protected] or fill out the contact form here.


How does your affiliate program work?
Signup for an account.  Login to your Affiliate Area to get your custom affiliate tracking URL and discount coupon.  You can place your tracking URL on your website, newsletter, blog posts, or other media.  You'll earn credit for every "commissionable" product via sale that comes from your tracking URL or discount coupon.  Our Affiliate Software analyzes a combination of visitors IP, cookies, and coupon used to make sure you get proper signup credits.

Absolutely no spamming.
How are sales tracked from my site or referral?
Sales are tracked three ways: 1) affiliate tracking URL, 2) application process, and 3) discount coupon.
What referrals are eligible for commissions?
Every purchase made on our website is eligible for commission regardless if the customer has ordered before.  However, you are not paid commission for your own purchases.
What do I need to become an affiliate?
Clients are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program.  For non-clients, all you need to do is signup for an affiliate account!  Sign up here:
Do I get commission for my own purchases?
We do not pay commission for your own purchases.
How are commission paid?
Commissions are paid via PayPal.  
When are commission paid?
It depends on the product.  You can see our full payout schedule here.
What are your payout rates?
It depends on the product. You can see our full payout rates here.
How do I get recurring monthly referral payments?
We only offer recurring monthly referral payments for our current clients.  Non-clients will receive a one-time payout.
Where do I sign up for your affiliate program?
Clients are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program.  For non-clients, all you need to do is signup for an affiliate account!  Sign up here:

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