Envato Elements Review: WordPress Themes, Plugins, Logos, Templates, and More

What’s Envato Elements? Envato Elements Review + WordPress Themes + WordPress Plugins

Envato Elements is an Envato service. It combines all of Envato Markets different digital assets marketplaces in one service.  It’s Themeforest, Envato WebsitesCodeCanyon, VideoHive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune, and 3dOcean combined in one place.  In other words, you have access to a massive collection of graphics, photos, fonts, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, illustrations, HTML templates for a single price with unlimited usage.  Plus, Envato Element’s digital assets library is growing at an alarming rate.  They’re consistently adding new products in their service. 

Envato Elements is a monthly or annual subscription service.  With your subscription, you have access to 560,000+ digital assets at your finger tips.  There’s no download limits.  Plus, you can try out the digital assets before you confirm your usage of it on a project.  There isn’t a complicated subscription and Envato Elements keeps it simple with their two plans.  You can choose to go with a monthly plan or the cheaper annual plan.  With the annual plan, you get access to the 450+ WordPress themes and WordPresss plugins.  

Who supplies the digital assets?  There’s a independent designers community who upload their products for 50% of net revenues.  The independent designers are paid a lot better than others providing the same service. With 560,000+ digital assets, you’re pretty much paying less than one cent for each digital asset.  In other words, it basically comes out to nothing if you were to use every single digital asset for your project. 

Envato Elements Review
Envato Elements Review
Is Elements For You? Envato Elements Review + WordPress Themes + WordPress Plugins

Absolutely.  Envato Elements is designed for everyone who has an online business or social media account.  It gives influencers templates for their social media accounts.  It provides graphic designers a library of photoshop actions, templates, fonts, and different layer styles.  In addition, corporate professionals can use their stationary inventory for business cards, letter headers, and more.

Bloggers can grab professional photography for their blog posts.  WordPress site owners can add additional features or change their website’s look in a matter of minutes with Envato Elements’ WordPress themes and plugins library.  If you run an online store, you can grab product mockups.  It’s definitely a great resource to have at a moment’s notice instead of consistently paying for individual items.

With all the examples, it’s definitely a budget friendly option for anyone who’s doing content marketing or online services.  If you’re consistently paying for a digital products on a regular basis, the costs are going to add up before you realize it.  Envato Elements will save you money in the long-term, so you can allocate it to scaling your business.

Usage Licenses: Envato Elements Review + WordPress Themes + WordPress Plugins

Envato Elements simplifies it’s licenses.  The licenses have two options, which are project or trial use.  The project use is when you’re ready to use it for a particular project.  The trial use is when you want to check it out before committing it to a project. In addition, all Envato Elements digital assets are for commercial use, which means it could be use on your personal projects or for your clients’ projects.  In addition, the photos are royalty free.

With trial use, it gives you the opportunity to examine the digital asset to see if it would fit for a particular project. If it does, all you have to do is assign it to a project by filling out the required information. It’s a straight forward process that’s not cumbersome or a burden.  If you decide to cancel your subscription, the digital assets can still be used for the registered products.  However, you won’t be able to download any more products.  Here’s a short video on how the licenses works.

Digital Asset Library: Envato Elements Review + WordPress Themes + WordPress Plugins

For US$ 228 a year, you’re probably wonder what do you get for your hard earned money.  Why pay the money when you can search the internet for free digital assets?  Well, the free digital assets on the internet is used by everyone.  I can guarantee you hundreds of other people are using the same product mockups on the internet.  This will not distinguish you from everyone using the same digital products. I do admit.  US$ 228 is a lot of money to spend for digital assets.  BUT it’s actually an investment where it’ll save you a lot money.   What does your money get you?

Here’s a quick list:


  • 450+ WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • 473,000+ Royalty Free Photos
  • 850+ Add-ons
  • 2,140+ Fonts
  • 19,150+ Graphic Templates
  • 1,730+ Presentation Templates
  • 1,360 Web Templates
  • 760+ CMS Templates
  • 14,200+ 3D Models
  • and more!  See full list here.


User Functionality: Envato Elements Review + WordPress Themes + WordPress Plugins

Envato Element is incredibility easy to use.  They really made it easy to search for digital assets.  It reminds me of shopping on Amazon.  The results are fast and accurate.  You can browse Envato Elements’ digital asset library for free before committing to the subscription.  Plus, it only takes a minute to sign up for an account then another few seconds for “download” heaven after paying for your subscription.

In addition, you can check out the product description before you want to download it.  Hit the “Trial” option to check it out before assigning it to a project.  After your inspection, you can assign it to a project.  What’s great is that you can continue to use it even after you cancel your Envato Elements subscription.  It’s a win-win situation.

Envato Elements Review
Envato Elements Review

Conclusion: Envato Elements Review + WordPress Themes + WordPress Plugins

Envato Elements is absolutely necessary for anyone who does anything with online marketing or services.  It’s massive digital assets library is filled with quality products.  I love the convenience of having Envato Elements at my finger prints.  I don’t have to spend countless hours creating or editing my online content.  I can log into Envato Elements then download what I need and then call it a day.

Envato Elements is such a great resource for influencers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, designers, and anyone who needs a quick creative solution.  With the WordPress additions, I’m definitely going to be able to add to my library of themes and plugins I can use for my own projects and client projects.  It’s hard to deny how affordable it is to have access to 560,000+ digital assets.  I would totally recommend Envato Elements to anyone who wants to save time, money, and resources.  It’s a great asset to have at your finger tips.

  • Pros
  • cons


  • WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Royalty Free Photos
  • Largest online digital asset library
  • User friendly search and dashboard
  • Can use assets after subscription cancellation
  • 560,000+ digital assets
  • Budget friendly fees
  • Unlimited downloads


Envato Elements Review
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  • Most themes created by envato are for wordpress..I encourage to create cool themes for blogger. I love what they do for AMP one.
    • Wordpress powers more than 30% of the web, so the potential to earn income is higher than blogger.

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