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bot on social media

Why YOU SHOULD USE A Bot On Social Media

Why you should use a bot on social media?!  In February 2017, Instagram shut down two of the largest automation service – Mass Planner and Instagress.  The user engagement has significantly dropped.  For the accounts, I’ve noticed their engagement per post dropped by 1/3.  It’s a material percentage for those trying to get sponsorship.
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followers fast

How To Lose Followers Fast

It seems like people are oblivious when it comes to why they lose followers fast on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.  Well, that or they can’t accept certain facts about themselves and their content.   This is our guide or list on how not to lose followers fast.
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follow unfollow

How To Tell A Follow Unfollow Account

Instagram has turned into a popularity contest.  Influencers will do almost anything to gain a large following.  The most common technique is to follow unfollow someone.   This has the quickest results and I’ve seen people’s account grow fast.
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foodies should stop Yelping

Reasons Why Serious Foodies Need To Stop Yelping

There are many reasons why serious foodies should stop Yelping. This is my attempt to motivate and convince Yelpers to drop Yelp. Yelp is the laughing stock of the culinary industry for their garbage reviews. Everyone from Anthony Bourdain to renown chefs can’t stand Yelpers. However, it doesn’t stop people flocking to Yelp to earn […]
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MailChimp review

MailChimp Review: FREE Email Marketing Service

MailChimp Review: FREE Email Marketing Service This is our MailChimp review. What is MailChimp? MailChimp is one of the best emailing marketing services on the market.  MailChimp helps you build your mailing list and perform mass mailing services.  With MailChimp, the email marketing service is free up to certain amount of subscribers and monthly emails sent. […]
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Top Entrepreneur Books

Top Entrepreneur Books – Monthly Book Recommendations

Top Entrepreneur Books – Monthly Book Recommendations This is our Top Entrepreneur Books recommendations.  We’ll doing Monthly Book Recommendations for our readers. This month’s books are Emotional Intelligence 2.0, The Entrepreneur Mind, Starting Your Own Business (Sixth Edition), Manage Your Day-To-Day, Girl Code, The $100 Startup, and The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster.  Top Entrepreneur Books: Emotional […]
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Best Wordpress Affiliate Plugins

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins: Create An Affiliate Program With WordPress

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins: Create An Affiliate Program With WordPress Best WordPress affiliate plugins to create an affiliate program with WordPress? iDev Affiliates, OmniStar Affiliates, Ambassador, LeadDyno, WP Affiliates, Magic Affiliate, Yith Affiliates, itThinx Affiliate Pro, Affiliate Royale, AffiliateWP, Ontraport, Ultimate Affiliate Pro, WordPress Affiliate, & Post Affiliate Pro are the best affiliate plugins on […]
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