Best WordPress Membership Plugins: How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: How To Create A Membership Website 

Best WordPress Membership Plugins. How to create a membership website? The best WordPress plugins to create a membership website? The best membership plugins for WordPress are MemberMouse, MemberPress, ARMember, WooCommerce Memberships, Magic Members, Ultimate Membership Pro, Yith Membership, Ontraport, & WP Membership.

The best way to earn a fixed income on the internet would be to create a membership website.  It’s like having a gym.  You will be earning income whether your members decide to visit your website or not.  It’s exactly like having a gym pass.  We all know someone who has a gym membership and they pay the monthly fee whether they go once a month or seven times a week.  The great part of having a membership website is your expenses are fixed.  The cost per member will go down as more members sign up for your website.

There’s really no better online business model.  For example, let’s say you sign up for SiteGround hosting for less than US$4 per month.  You purchase your theme on Theme Forest and a membership plugin.   Your total annual cost is US$300.  You charge US$50 for an annual membership. People start to sign up for your membership website.  You cost will be fixed and it can only get lower as more people sign up.  The only thing you need to focus on would be to add content to your website.  Let’s get started with the best membership plugins for WordPress.

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins: WooCommerce Memberships + How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

WooCommerce Memberships is probably the most flexible out of the list.  With WooCommerce, you can set different types of memberships, have products tied to memberships, and set recurring payments with WooCommerce SubscriptionsIn addition, the WordPress membership plugin has the ability to sell to groups or companies.  All you have to do is assign a Group or Company manager and they handle who gets access to your restricted content. 

WooCommerce Memberships has the ability to restrict your content.  You can restrict it based on tags, categories, pages, and posts.  Plus, you can drip your content, so new members don’t get access to everything.  Furthermore, WooCommerce Membership has a members’ dashboard.  You can offer members exclusive pricing on limited edition products or special discounts on other products.  It’s one of the reasons why WooCommerce makes some of the best WordPress plugins.  Read our full WooCommerce Membership review here.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: MemberMouse How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

MemberMouse is one of the most used membership plugins for WordPress.  It’s easy to install with an easy to use checkout page for purchases.  It has several billing integrations like PayPal,, and Stripe.  With MemberMouse, you can have paid or free members.  Also, it has a drip content or schedule content option with a members’ area.  The members’ area comes with engagement analytics, so it helps you determine what’s your most popular content.  

MemberMouse has an easy upgrade option.  The upgrade option prorates the member’s current balance.  Plus, MemberMouse has an option to downsell if members decide to cancel their memberships.  In addition, it has a social media login option, so members can login with Facebook, Twitter, or G+.  MemberMouse provide automated emails to remind members to pay for their next billing cycle.  This is extremely useful because you want to sustain income.  It’s why MemberMouse is considered the best WordPress plugins for membership websites.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: MemberPress How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

MemberPress is another great option.  It definitely in contention as one of the best WordPress plugins for a membership website. It helps you create, manage and track membership subscriptions.  In addition, it has an option to sell digital download products.  Plus, with MemberPress, you have more control with your content.  MemberPress allows you to easily manage your members.  You can grant, or revoke, access to posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, digital files and more.  It’s easy to setup and it could be done with different membership types.

Furthermore, MemberPress helps you run promotional content and sales discounts with its coupons.  It integrates with BB Press, so you can create premium forums for different membership types.  The WordPress membership plugin helps you create dynamic pricing pages for your memberships without any coding experience.  It comes with several different pricing themes to help you find one that matches your brand.  Lastly, integrates with all the major WordPress services on the internet.  Here is a quick list:

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: Magic Members How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

Magic Members is another awesome membership plugins for WordPress.  It’s unique from the rest because they have an option for visitors to pay per post.  In other words, a visitor can pay to see your How-To video without signing up for a membership.  It helps to bring in additional income for your membership website.  Like the others, Magic Members has a drip content option and you can restrict tags, categories, pages, posts, and so on.  

In addition, Magic Members integrates with a multiple payment gateways.  The WordPress membership plugin is definitely useful with its ability to accept multiple different payments, so you don’t lose any membership signups.  Magic Members has a great download protection option, so digital downloads are only accessible to members.  Lastly, with Magic Members, there is no limit to the number of members you can have for your website.  They only charge a one-time fee to use their plugin.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: ARMember How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

ARMember is one of the few membership plugins for WordPress worth checking on Code Canyon. It has 1,300+ sales and a 4.81 stars rating.  With ARMember, you can restrict your content with tags, categories, pages, navigation, posts, and so much more.  It also offers drip content like the other membership plugin on the list.  In addition, you partial block content to give visitors a preview and entice people to sign up for a membership.  The partial block isn’t something offered by other WordPress membership plugin.

With ARMember, you can create multiple membership types and tailor them to fit your business model.  Also, ARMember gives customers the option to select different billing periods like yearly, quarterly, and monthly.  This is great because you can charge different rates for each billing period.  ARMember comes with a recurring payment built into the plugin unlike WooCommerce Memberships.  Like MemberMouse, there’s an option to upsell or downsell memberships.  Lastly, there’s also a grace period if members miss their payments.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: YITH Membership + How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

Yith Membership integrates with WooCommerce.  Yith has created an ecosystem of WooCommerce add-ons for your eCommerce store like Yith Subscriptions and Yith Affiliates.  They’re always adding additional plugins and features to their products.   With Yith Membership, you can pretty much do everything the other membership plugins for WordPress can do.  However, Yith Membership has the ability to display different content on pages, posts, or product depending on a member’s membership.   In other words, members can be viewing the same post but the content can be completely different. 

In addition, Yith Membership can block media.  In other words, you can restrict your pictures and videos.  It also makes sending messages easy for members.  Members can send a message to your website’s admin with a simple widget and the messages will be compiled in a dedicated admin section.  Lastly, this WordPress membership plugin lets you see membership history for each member and their expiration date.  Yith makes it easy to set up a membership website. 

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: Ultimate Membership Pro + How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

Ultimate Membership Pro is one of the best selling membership plugins for WordPress on Code Canyon.  It has more than 11,500 sales with a 4.5 star rating.  It offers unlimited memberships with the ability to restrict pages, products, categories, tags, URLs, images, menus, and images.  Plus, you can drip your content with this WordPress membership plugin.  Ultimate Membership Pro offers recurring payments with multiple payment options for customers.

In addition, Ultimate Membership Pro has the ability to sell gift codes.  In other words, a customer can purchase a membership for another person as a gift.  You can also implement a reward points system with Ultimate Membership Pro.  It offers push notifications and dynamic pricing for memberships.   It fully integrates with BuddyPress, so your members can edit their profiles. Lastly, Ultimate Membership gives your members the ability to login with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts.   

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: WP Membership  + How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

WP Membership is definitely another membership plugins for WordPress worth checking out. It offers 6 different types of memberships, 7 different pricing tables, 4 different email templates, 5 different public user profile, and so much more.  In addition, it integrates with MailChimp to help you with your email marketing.  WP Membership offers two types of payment gateways, which are PayPal Express and Stripe.  

WP Membership helps you collect your membership payments with recurring payments.  It offers 11 different languages with an option to override their templates.  In addition, WP Membership offers simple analytics to help you understand your members engagement on your website.  Lastly, the WordPress membership plugin is the most economical one on this list as it’s currently price at US$34.  

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: Ontraport + How To Create A Membership Website

Best WordPress Membership plugins

Ontraport is one of the most complete membership plugins for WordPress on this list.  It’s definitely more than a simple WordPress membership plugin.  With Ontraport, you can sell products, offer discounts, run email marketing campaigns, and implement an affiliate program.  It’s a marketers dream as one of those features aren’t offered in one complete package.  Ontraport also offers real-time reporting and analytics.  It has a visual campaign builder for your marketing campaigns.

With Ontraport, you can do about anything you can think of.  Like what? You can protect content, send invoices, create a customer center, track user activity, add forms to any page, sync information with a CRM platform, and it comes with a library of templates. Everything is done with one single system versus having multiple plugins to each tool.  In addition, it integrates with a lot of other major players to help you scale your membership website.  Read our full Ontraport review here.

Best WordPress Membership Plugins: Conclusion + How To Create A Membership Website

In today’s world, there are so many options to make money online.  The best option would be to create a membership website, so you can have recurring income.  Membership websites is the only business model where your per customer cost gets lower as your membership grows.  It’s only up to you if you want to make money online with a membership website.  We’ve listed some of the best membership plugins for WordPress.  They all do the same thing with some differences and it’s up to you to choose which one suits your current needs and budget.  Hopefully, the 9 options will help you decide which one suits your needs.  Learn more about each WordPress membership plugin below:

Read our full Ontraport review here.

Read our full WooCommerce Memberships review here.


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