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This is our guide on how to appear more influential on Instagram.  It’s used by a lot of the big accounts on Instagram Influencers and micro influencers.  We’re offering this to you for free.

Instagram has become the main avenue for branding and connecting with fans and engagement.  It’s probably the most effective medium to create an image for your company. 

It’s filled with influencers changing what the public considers relevant.  It’s one of the main reasons why chain restaurants like TGIF and Apple’s Bees have decline in relevance.  

Influencers have gotten clever with the way they present their account.  There are many tricks to make an account look more influential than they actually are.  However, it’s not deceptive, but it’s not transparent either.  It’s used by influencers in Melbourne to Japan to the States to Argentina and so on.

Limited Post Schedule

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  However, on Instagram, a post a day or every few hours will keep the engagement down.  If you post every other day or few days, the engagement on your post will increase.  It maximizes the chance of your post being seen by your followers.  It also boosts your numbers on your posts.

Delete Least Engaged Post

Have you ever wonder how an account has more than 5,000 followers with less than 50 posts?  It’s simple.  They archive or delete their least engaged posts.  It’s a tactic for people who want to appear more attractive to advertisers. 

To me, it’s obvious.  There is no way an account can gain one hundred followers per post unless they’re celebrities.

Bot Service

Some accounts using bots to get likes.  It’s an old tactic to get likes by liking other people’s posts.  If they like enough posts, the person will return the favor and probably follow the account.  In other words, likes for likes. 

In addition, some accounts buy likes and followers.  I think we’ve all seen the spam messages and comments on ways to get free followers and likes for a small price.  Read why you should use a bot on social media here.

Instagram Pods

Instagram pods are the latest rage at the moment.  It’s a way to trick Instagram’s algorithm to boost a post.  It’s essentially a group chat where members notify each other about a new post then members go like and comment on the post to boost the posts chance to be seen.  In addition, it gives the appearance of being influential on Instagram.

Bot Accounts

The account used to be a bot account.  In other words, there are people who use bots to gain followers and engagement on the accounts then they sell the accounts on forums.  They post 20-30 pictures then they start to gain a following and then offer it on the forums.  It’s actually a genius way to pick up followers without the hard work.


Those are the top five ways influencers make themselves appear more influential than they actually are on Instagram.  Instagram is a platform that creates a false reality and people can’t distinguish between fantasy versus reality. 

In addition, there is an extra incentive to appear “influential” when brands are willing to buy advertising space on an influencer’s account.  Let us know if there are other tricks in the comment section.

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