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3DCart Reviews
3DCart reviews. What is 3DCart? 3DCart is one of the many eCommerce platforms on the internet. 3DCart is an all-in-one eCommerce platform for your online store where you can track inventory, manage orders, sending marketing newsletter, optimize your SEO, 3DCart support, and more. It’s like Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly, or Wix in that they’re providing an eCommerce platform for you to start an online store. As mentioned, 3DCart is a little different in their eCommerce platform solution though.

3DCart is basically your all-in-one eCommerce platform solution.  3DCart is more than a shopping cart solution.  It’s a full feature which integrates 3DCart’s three eCommerce dimensions — Store Owners, Search Engines, and Shoppers.  In other words, 3DCart have combined the development, design, storefront, and marketing into their platform where you don’t have to use a 3rd party app or plugin. 

3DCart equips you with a complete tool set for everything you need to run a successful online store.  The tools include gaining organic traffic via search engines, attracting customers, encouraging visitors to buy, and forming long-term customer relationships.  3DCart’s features are easy to implement and they help you with the challenges of running an online store.  3DCart centralizes all your eCommerce needs under one roof.  It’s what makes 3DCart special compared to Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly or WordPress + WooCommerce.

3DCart Reviews
3DCart Reviews: Features


  • One Stop Shop = Includes your online site, store, blog, email, newsletter, CRM, and Point Of Sale System
  • Mobile & Social Media Ready = Responsive themes to 100% mobile responsiveness and easily link your products to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Intuitive Admin Panel = Streamlined dashboard that’s easy to use, simple, and efficient for store management
  • Constantly Updated = 3DCart releases new features on a monthly basis
  •  24/7 Support = They offer around the clock call, email, and chat support 365 days a year
  • Faster Server Response Time = 3DCart faster server response times helps with any increase in traffic or sales
  • 100+ Themes = Themes are optimized for sales conversion
  • RESTful API + Webhooks = They integrate with Zapier and Workato to automate a lot of daily tasks
  • Mobile Checkouts = Collect payments at kiosks, tradeshows, storefront, online, etc
  • Multiple Payment Options = Credit cards, cash, check, money orders, check, and split payments for online, in-store, and on-to-go
  • Easy Sync = Sync your products within minutes
  • Easy Integration = Standard barcode register, register, and receipt printer
  • Secure Checkout = Level 1 PCI Compliant which is the same security as banks and other financial institutions 
  • Multi-Sales Channels = Easily integrate your online store with eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, Shopzilla and more.  Full list here


3DCart Reviews: Store Design

3DCart offers more than 100 optimized themes.  There’s no coding needed.  All their shop themes are professionally designed to help convert visitors to customers and 100% mobile responsive.  In other words, your store will look great on a laptop, tablet, or phone.  There are a laundry list of great features and functionality like Quickview, Quick Cart, Recently View items, Single Page checkout, and many more.  

3DCart’s eCommerce platform comes equipped with a blog and content management system.  The content management system is easy to use and you can add unlimited pages.  You can add a Store Location, Contact Us, Return Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or a Page to show off your customer reviews.  The blog will help you add engaging content to your online store to help with your organic traffic or keep current customers entice with your business.  It can do everything WordPress can do like create categories, embed videos, moderate comments, and quickly post articles.  It’s all easily done with 3DCart.

What’s so great about 3DCart’s design? No programming or coding experience.  Everything is done via your browser.  The templates follows industry best practices like simple navigation and color selection.  It helps users easily find the product that they’re looking for on your online store.  In addition, it’s completely customizable via style sheets.  You can change things to how you envision your brand.  Lastly, 3DCart has a list filled with professionals who can help bring your vision to life.  

3DCart Reviews: Product Management

With 3DCart, product management is simple.  There’s no limit to the number of product categories.  You can use 3DCart’s Smart Categories to show promotional products like sales items and free shipping items.  With a web-based interface, 3DCart allows you to quickly manage, edit, or upload products; furthermore, you can add images or promotional videos to help convert sales.  3DCart has unlimited options for your products, which includes unlimited variations and pictures.   You can showcase your products from multiple angles, colors, and scenarios.  There’s a built-in zoom capability.

Up-sells and cross-sells are a breeze with 3DCart.  Like Amazon, you, or other customers, can easily answer questions about a product.  Customer reviews are easy to collect and display on each of your products.  3DCart doesn’t limit you to physical products.  You can sell digital products for downloading with the capability to provide unique serial numbers for each purchase.  3DCart has a wait list option, so customers can be automatically notified with hot selling items are back in stock.

3DCart Reviews

3DCart Reviews: Order Management

3DCart lets quickly process orders.  With 3DCart, you can print multiple or single orders with one-click; customers can create accounts where it saves them time at checkout. Phone orders are done easily with 3DCart’s interface. In addition, you can offer discounts based on any requirement you want to specified with 3DCart’s Customer Groups.  3DCart’s RMA functionality helps you process returns quickly and accurately; the whole process is tracked from the initial return request to when it’s receive in your warehouse.  

3DCart supports dropshipping stores.  With 3DCart, your drop shipper will received an email with order information and shipping costs are accurate to help you maintain profitability.  Drop shipper emails can be customize to your preference and it could be easily automated.  In addition, you can calculate shipping rates from your drop shipper’s warehouse.   Lastly, you can use webhooks for automatic XML order notifications.

3DCart integrates with Quickbooks.  You can sync your sales and inventory with Quickbooks Web Connector.  This will keep your accounting records prepared and in check for tax season.  In addition, 3DCart integrates with Amazon and eBay, so you can process your orders in one place.  3DCart has a FraudWatch feature that monitors your orders with Fraud Rules, Fraud Scores, and Community Alerts.

3DCart’s RMA functionality helps you quickly and accurately process returns or exchanges.  It could be done on your online store and customers can upload an image of the product they’re trying to return.  You can create selectable choices for returns or exchanges like quality, not as expected, and more; you can add an option for exchanges or refund their money back.  The whole process is tracked from the initial return request to when it’s receive in your warehouse. 

3DCart Reviews: Shopping Cart

3DCart’s shopping cart is completely secure.  The 256-bit SSL encryption cart is Level 1 PCI Compliant and it’s optimized for conversions.  helps build trust for visitors. In addition, 3DCart’s shopping cart can provide different shipping options to help your customers receive your products in no time. You can provide free shipping, flat rate, or real-time shipping rates through USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Furthermore, you can print your shipping labels directly from your store. 

3DCart’s shopping cart has the ability to accept all major credit cards like  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  There’s an option to connect to third-party payment gateways like PayPal, Square, Stripe, Amazon Pay, and 100+ other choices.  They even offer other payment gateways used by other countries.  What’s great about 3DCart?  They don’t charge any transactions or integration fees. It’s all included with 3DCart’s plan.   

3DCart makes it easy for customers to be life long customers.  They have “secure tokenization” where they support recurring orders like subscriptions and customers can store their payment option for future purchases.  In addition, with 3DCart, you can recover loss sales via abandoned carts by sending automated follow up emails to customers who decided not to purchase your products.  It could be setup to send them an email within a few hours or a few days.  It’s completely up to you.

3DCart has a simple tax rates setup based on your location. You can set tax rates based on local, national, or regional taxes.  It seamlessly integrates with Tax Cloud, Avalara, and Speed Tax.  It’s absolutely amazing what they can do.  For all the features, click here.

3DCart Reviews: Marketing & SEO

3DCart is definitely ahead of the other eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and Weebly.  3DCart’s marketing offers includes everything and anything under the sun.  It can send newsletters and offers to all your customers or ones in specific groups.  After the first purchase, you can start a drip campaign send follow-up emails after a number of days. It could include a promotional discount or ask for product reviews.

3DCart provides a complete checklist for marketing your products.  It could be used for SEO beginners or experts to help you learn, organize, and implement important strategies for your business’s success. In addition, your entire store is Search Engine Optimized; 3DCart has you covered to help you dominate search engine results. You can monitor your store’s traffic with Google Analytics; all you have to do is add your Google Analytics’ ID.  It’s that simple.

The blog included in your store is SEO optimized too.  The bundle includes a site map builder, canonical URLs, 301 redirects, Custom File Names, Robot.txt editor, and Dynamic Meta-tags.  Furthermore, 3DCart includes store statistics that are easy to understand.  You can easily see your most popular items, each product categories success, best sales days, and more.

3DCart’s Marketing Features:

Coupons & Promotions
Freedom to offer as many different coupons as you want 
Gift Cards
Customers can buy gift cards and send them off.
Tell A Friend
Customizable emails to spread the word about your store and offer discounts
Affiliate Program
Start an affiliate program with 3DCart as they monitor the tracking
Reward Program
Easily start a reward points program for your customers to help boost sales
Redeemable Products
Design which products can be redeemed with points
Give Points
You can manually give your customers points as you wish
Bonus Points Promotions
Create bonus points promotions for specific products, categories, or spend limits
Purchase With Points
Customers can easily purchase with your points with one click
Customer Reminders
Automatically send emails to customers who have points balances
Gift Registry
Customers can create registries and share with friends
Facebook Integration
Link your products to Facebook so people can shop on the largest social media site
Pinterest Integration
Easily pin your products on Pinterest for new customers to discover
Amazon Integration
3DCart easily integrates with Amazon for another sales channel
Google Integration
Market and sell your products with Google Shopping 
Advertising Credit
Receive free advertising credit for Facebook, Amazon, and Bing

3DCart Reviews: Hosting Features


  • Your Own Domain: Free domain renewals every year
  • Monthly Updates: Monthly releases to add functionality
  • SSL Included: 3DCart includes 256 Bit SSL Certificate
  • FTP Access: Easy and quick access to your store’s files using file transfer protocol (FTP)
  • Backups:  Daily backups to ensure errors are quickly remedied 
  • Guaranteed Uptime: 99.94% uptime and 24/7 monitoring 
  • IP Blocking: Ensure security and information isn’t link by blocking IPs that doesn’t belong to your address
  • Fast Site Performance: Handle customer interaction with 3DCart’s CRM
  • Unlimited Storage: All plans include unlimited storage for all your images and videos
  • Unlimited Email:  Unlimited email hosting which includes a browser login and mobile phones
  • Scalable eCommerce:  3DCart is built to handle anywhere from one order to hundreds of millions transactions


3DCart Reviews: How Much Does It Cost?

3DCart Reviews
3DCart Reviews
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